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Information for Owners

Is Veterinary Physiotherapy covered by insurance?

Yes- Veterinary Physiotherapy is covered under complementary therapies. Contact your insurance company to find out more. Diane is happy to help you with your claim usually a few sessions are claimed back at once; however, we will still require payment for each session/ block prior to your insurance payout in case of issues.

Can you work with nervous animals?

I will treat each animal as an individual. It may take me longer to build trust with them; however, if I feel they are a risk to my health and safety I may decide not to continue treatment.

Do I need a vet referral?

Yes! We don't mind contacting the vet on your behalf contact us or fill in our online form.

What do I need to bring to the session?

You can bring any toys or treats that may help distract or engage your pet to help get the most out of them during their session!

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