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Lifelong friendship


Initial Small Animal Appointment

60-90 minutes

An initial assessment and physiotherapy treatment will be provided. The session will include questioning to gather information about you and the animal's lifestyle, your pet's history and their routine. Diane will conduct a static and dynamic assessment followed by palpation. She will then devise a personalised treatment plan that will be made and carried out within the session. She will provide a home exercise program for you to carry out between sessions to optimise their rehabilitation and physiotherapy progress!

Follow up Small Animal Appointment

45-60 minutes

Existing clients will continue being assessed and receiving tailored treatment. Diane will ask a series of questions to see how your pet has been since their last session. She will perform static and dynamic assessments followed by palpation. She will alter and produce bespoke treatment plans from her findings in the session and provide treatment.  A home exercise program will produced for you to carry out in between physiotherapy sessions which is a key factor to meeting rehabilitation goals and optimising physiotherapy benefits.

Mileage Charges

Under 10 miles is free
11-15 miles £5
16-25 miles £10
26-35 miles £15
36-45 miles £20
45 miles + POA

Discount and Packages

Set of 6 Sessions


Includes 6 sessions lasting up to 60 minute sessions.

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