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Privacy Policy

Diane Ferguson Veterinary Physiotherapy will hold personal information of their current and previous clients to aid the provision of their services and booking purposes. The information collected from the referral forms, contact us from the website, messages, emails and calls. Information collected may include client: name, email, telephone/mobile number, address, insurance details, and veterinary information to aid veterinary physiotherapy services, bookings and reminders. External sources may provide this personal information for example via vets or insurers which is necessary for us to provide services and we may share information with other paraprofessionals and your insurance company in regards to patient records; however, we will seek your permission prior unless complied to supply it for legal reasons.  
Personal data will be held securely and handled by Diane Ferguson and only be shared with paraprofessionals to inform them of case updates and treatment alterations. Agreement to treatment is your agreement to provide explicit consent to supplying Diane Ferguson to keep and process your data. All personal data will be handled to meet The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Data Protection Act 1998. Data will be stored for seven years using secure password protected devices and paper record systems.

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